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Meet Avett Brooks :)

Hi friends! So I thought Valentine’s Day would be a fitting time to introduce my newest little valentine! After some complications during pregnancy, and a few stressful weeks leading up to a three-week early delivery, we are so excited to finally be able to cuddle our newest little man, and feel so relieved that he is happy and healthy!

Avett Brooks (pronounced /Ay/-vett, named after one of our favorite bands, the Avett Brothers)  was born on February 3, at 10:57, 19 inches long and weighing in at a “hefty” 5 lbs 13 oz (haha) 🙂 He is now 10 days old and is (so far) a very easygoing little dude- eating, sleeping, and chillin’. He is, however, a night owl like his momma hehe. Just like his big brother, he is either fast asleep or totally alert and taking everything in with big bright eyes!

Speaking of his brother, Wyatt is over the moon about him, and it makes my heart so happy! Wy is constantly kissing him, stroking his head, and saying how cute he is. We are so proud of Wyatt for being so gentle and sweet. Usually there is an adjustment period with new siblings but Wy seems to be excited overall, and has been an awesome big bro so far (knock on wood!!!)

Now I am just focused on feeding this little dude like crazy to fatten him up! I need his cheeks to get nice and chubby- right now he is tiny and looks like a little old man haha! He is almost a clone of Wyatt at his age, except for his full head of sandy brown hair that I seriously just love- it’s fluffy like a little baby chick and we can’t stop nuzzling it! On this Valentine’s Day, my heart is full and I am so happy and thankful to have three valentines to snuggle and love!! <3 <3 <3

I hope you all have someone, big or small, to love on today as well! Happy Valentine’s Day!

<3 Karen




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