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Meet the 2016 KRP Senior Spokesmodels!

Guys! I am SO excited to introduce you to this group of girls: the gorgeous FACES of KRP Seniors 2016! I just officially met them for the first time last week at our Meet & Greet, but it is obvious that these ladies are talented, well-rounded, unique, and beautiful inside and out. Let’s start with a tiny little peek behind the scenes from the Meet & Greet!

I started by spoiling the girls with some goodies in a little glam gift bag! I gave them the KRP t-shirt when I visited schools in January to surprise them with the news that they were on the KRP team, and at the meet & greet I gave them a few more fun little gifts. And yep I totally gave them selfie sticks LOL. I also force fed the girls and their parents the most amazing cupcakes (yep the match the KRP brand hehe) from The Frosted Edge. When they arrived they were all circling the food and eying them up and I was all like β€œEAT!” πŸ™‚ Yum.

We got to know each other, I explained how the Spokesmodel program works and gave info about all the fun stuff I have planned this year, and then we got a chance to mingle, chat, and the girls got a sneak peek at a few of the newest additions to the KRP Style Closet and Accessory Bar! Next we all got a few group shots in the studio and then took a little field trip around my neighborhood to take a few super-quick shots outside since it was like, the FIRST sunny day of 2015!!

I can’t wait to work with these beauties, and showcase their gorgeous faces through a variety of styled shoots I have planned for the 2015/2016 school year!! The first styled shoot is coming up in early April- so excited! I just love how these girls have already found an instant connection with each other. I am so happy that our collaboration throughout this year will bring us not only awesome photos but also new friendships!!

So without further ado, let me get you acquainted with these gorgeous girls!

Meet Rhiannon!

School: Winters Mill High School
Goals After High School: joinΒ the Army/travel around the world
Celebrity Crush: Franco Brothers
Favorite Candy: Skittles
Biggest Accomplishments so far: varsity track and having a poem published
Three Things I Can’t Live Without: summer breeze, family, close friends
Friends Would Describe Me As:Β free-willed, free spirited
Fun Fact: I lived in Germany for 3 years


Meet Jaspreet!

School: Manchester Valley High School
Nickname: Jas
Friends Would Describe Me As: Kind, Funny, Basic
Dream Job: Nurse Practitioner
Unusual Talent: Can Watch 20 hours of Grey’s Anatomy continuously
Favorite Band: Maroon 5
Something I am Excited About for Senior Year: the experience and Senior Week
Fun Fact: I was born in India


Meet Tori!

School: Westminster High School (side note from Karen, that’s my alma mater hehe!)
Biggest Accomplishment So Far: Varsity Lacrosse and Basketball
Favorite Place on Earth: the beach
Friends Would Describe Me As: Athletic, Shy
Favorite Social Media: Instagram
Celebrity Crush: Channing Tatum
Dream Job: Physical Therapist
Favorite Thing in My Closet: shoes


Meet Doyinsola!

School: Westminster High School
Nickname: Doyin
Biggest Accomplishment: Driving and not crashing into anything
Favorite Place on Earth: Milan, Italy
Three Things I can’t Live Without: God, family, friends
Fun Fact: I’m Nigerian
Dream Job: Go to UPenn and start a foundation
Friends Would Describe Me As: outgoing, supportive


Meet Marysa!

School: Liberty High School
Biggest Accomplishment So Far: getting my first job
Friends Would Describe Me As: shy and sarcastic
Favorite Store: Forever 21
Favorite Place on Earth: the beach in Mexico
Last Good Book I Read: The Fault in Our Stars
Goal After High School: something Psychology-related
Fun Fact: I have lived in England


Meet Hannah!

School: Manchester Valley High School
Dream Job: Pediatrician
Biggest Accomplishment So Far: inducted into National Honors Society
Unusual Talent: can do a back handspring (used to be a gymnast)
Something I Am Excited About for Senior Year: deciding on college
Friends Would Describe Me As: friendly, organized
Celebrity Crush: Zac Efron
Last Good Book I Read: Where She Went
Meet Alyson!

School: Liberty High School
Nickname: Aly
Biggest Accomplishment So Far: Winning Betsey Johnson’s design contest last summer
Unusual Talent: I play Ukelele
Favorite Movie: Mean Girls
Friends Would Describe Me As: creative, funny
Fun Fact: I can speak Japanese
Dream Job: Become an Art Director and make advertisements


Meet Sarah!

School: Winters Mill High School
Dream Job: Christmas Tree Farm
Biggest Accomplishment So Far: accepted to NHS, and varsity track
Three Things I Can’t Live Without: family, friends, sweet tea
Friends Would Describe Me As: down to earth, real
Fun Fact: I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters
Favorite Music: anything country
Something I Am Excited About for Senior Year: driving to school, senior crab feast


Meet Cristalina!

School: Liberty High School
Nickname: Cristi
Dream Job: Middle School English Teacher
Biggest Accomplishment So Far: being accepted to Teacher Academy of Maryland
Unusual Talent: Lacrosse goalie
Favorite Store: TJ Maxx, Marshalls
Friends Would Describe Me As: sassy, organized
Fun Fact: I love to organize and decorate


And, just because I subjected my adorable models to that questionnaire, I will share my own little fun facts. (And sorry for the selfie haha! At least I took it with the β€œgood camera”, but I am no high school model lol!

School: I graduated from Westminster High School in 2001
Nicknames: β€œKaren, RN”, β€œK-Dog”, β€œKernbug”, β€œJiminy”… and lest we forget: β€œTrainwreck” (<β€”most of these were acquired in college so don’t ask or judge haha!!)
Favorite TV Shows: SO many. Old Ones: Arrested Development, Law & Order SVU, Breaking Bad, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Dexter Β Current Ones: Better Call Saul, Shameless, Project Runway
Favorite Store: Forever 21 ( I mean, it is called FOREVER 21, right?!?)
Favorite place on Earth: anyΒ beach but especially the Caribbean, and also- Macchu Picchu in Peru (<–amazing!!)
Favorite Bands/ Music: Anything 90’s from Grunge to Biggie to TLC. I also loveΒ Pearl Jam, The Avett Brothers, Elton John, and Ben Folds to name a few
Three Things I Can’t Live Without: family & friends, flip-flops, phone.
Biggest Accomplishment So Far: Being a Mom, also, taking a risk and quitting my day job to follow my photography dream!
Unusual Talent: I can write backwards (from right to left) in cursive
Fun Fact: I have a HUGE family! On my dad’s side: 9 aunts and uncles andΒ 20-some cousins, on my mom’s side we had 5 living generations for many years!
Celebrity Crush: Vince Vaughn, Robert Downey Jr and Leo DiCaprio all day everyday. Also, Β Michael Douglas, Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey circa 1990 (now they are all a little old lol!), and Β Jeff Goldblum (in his Jurrasic Park-era haha) I know, I know…everyone says I am totally weird haha!!

I also want to introduce to you the KRP Luxe Senior Experience, and what that means for YOUR upcoming senior photos. Stay tuned for future blogs that will introduce you to all the amazing things that are coming this year with KRP!

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