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70’s Retro Rainbow Rollerskating Styled Shoot with the 2017 KRP Luxe Team // Maryland Senior Photographer


You guys. The concept of this styled session has been in my head for so long, but I was struggling to figure out the best way to execute it. This year I finally decided to jump in and figure out a way to make the idea come to life. I was super inspired by some old photos I found of some 70’s babes with the knee high socks and big hair. Jen, Andrea and Kate were a perfect team for this one.

We did a super bright and colorful rollerskating look, and then a second more laid back 70’s inspired look. They rocked SO many of my favorite pieces from the KRP style closet- everything they wore for the rollerskating looks (personal favorite is the polaroid tee— duh haha— which we even ended up taking scissors to and transforming for Kate at the last minute) to the fringe jacket and vest, and suede boots and booties. Part of my favorite thing about these styled sessions is seeing the wardrobe and hair and makeup transformations all come together!

This shoot was SO much fun but also FREEZING. For some reason spring was being kind of a jerk, and the temperature for this shoot was like in the forties and low fifties with wind. Perfect shorts weather, right? But despite the cold–and being bombarded in the face by balloons in the wind haha- we were having a ton of fun. And truly that is what I want it to be about!! We “skated”, pushed everyone around on skateboards, jumped around with sparklers, and soaked in the PERFECT golden light. It was pretty freaking groovy 😀

As we transitioned to the more laid back 70’s looks, I was channeling an Almost Famous vibe- especially since these girls have a love, talent and appreciation for music! Andrea even brought her guitar with a Beatles strap—- perfection!


Huge shoutout to Bethany from All Aglow Beauty for creating the perfect big 70’s hair and fun colorful makeup looks. Caroline assisted again, which was awesome, and we also need to say a special thank you to some of my friends and clients who so graciously let us borrow their AMAZING retro and moxi skates and the colorful skateboards! Another really special thing about this shoot was that my niece decided to shadow me and take some photos of her own. I would be SO thrilled if she ended up loving photography as much as me. And from the shots she got, she definitely has that creative eye…so exciting!

For this shoot, we don’t need a soundtrack like we did for the 90’s shoot. Instead we need a classic 70’s themed Netflix queue: That 70’s Show (duh!), Dazed & Confused, Almost Famous, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. 😀

Styling & Clothing: Karen (K. Rainier Photography) and the KRP Style Closet

Hair and Makeup: Bethany from All Aglow Beauty 

PS…..Stay tuned for the next 2017 Luxe Team styled session coming up in June!!! We are throwing it even further back and hosting a Vintage 50’s Fourth of July Picnic in the backyard complete with a teal truck, cupcakes, a pool and some dancing in sprinklers 😀







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