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KRP Luxe Team: Urban Mermaids // Maryland Senior Photographer

Guys the Luxe Team is back with a new crew from schools all around Maryland, and I am so excited to share my favorites so far from our Urban Mermaid shoot with Andrea, Elena, Sarah, Hailey, and Ariana!! When I said we were going full on sparkle, glitter and color, I was not kidding AT ALL haha. We had so much fun with the styling for this- a few people actually thought the girls were celebrities or backup dancers or something hahaha.

Something that also made this shoot pretty special is that my sister is on the team this year and this was the shoot that she chose to join us for. Guys, she’s drop dead gorgeous, it is scary haha! I won’t say which one is related to me, I will leave it up to you to guess based on the family resemblance hehe 🙂

The other exciting thing is how we all rocked shooting in full sun. I usually avoid it and stick to golden hour, but this shoot just begged to be brighter so we went for it and I love it.

I started brainstorming this idea almost a year ago, so I’m super excited with how all of us came together to take this concept to the next level! One of my favorite things about Luxe Team shoots is seeing all the girls get creative during prep time, whether it be taking the pieces I chose for the shoot and coming up with their own outfit combinations from the KRP style closet, or in this case, mixing their own colors of hair glitter haha! And speaking of hair an glitter: HUGE shoutout to Carly from Pins-N-Brushes and Ashley from So Blushed Beauty for making this vision come to life with this AH-mazing hair and makeup!!

Anyway, there are SO many to share and maybe I will update this post with more photos later, but for now here are some favorites!

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